OpenPage – Maximizing eTextbook potential!


An Ecosystem that gives you complete control

over publishing, subscription, branding and distribution

OpenPage not just offers a rich and interactive book reading experience, but comprises a comprehensive digital book ecosystem and provides everything that you will ever need to publish, enrich, manage and distribute ePub based ebooks. It offers complete control over branding, subscription and pricing of ebooks. Additionally, OpenPage lets you analyze student engagement and performance and also determine content efficacy.

Unmatched Reading Experience Across Platforms

Web, iOS and Android

The OpenPage digital interactive ePub reader is designed with a simple, intuitive and sensible interface that provides an immersive reading experience through its Web, iOS and Android readers. Moreover the ecosystem offers a seamless and connected reading experience when switching between different versions of the readers (web/mobile).

Based on ePUB 3 Standards

Reflow and Fixed layout on the same reader

OpenPage is based on the industry standard ePUB3 specifications. You can get your existing ePUB3 books on the OpenPage platfom in a matter of minutes. No fomat conversions, no lock-ins!

Support for Digital Enrichments

Audio, Video, Image, Animation etc.

OpenPage comes with an interactive widget framework that allows embedding rich and interactive inline enrichments to the base eBooks. This includes support for video, audio, images, animations and interactivities that infuse life to the eBooks and provide a much more meaningful and enriched reading experience.

Powerful Quiz Engine

Author, tag, publish inline quizzes

OpenPage comes with a comprehensive quiz engine that allows authoring, embedding and delivery of inline quizzes within eBooks.

Empower Users Through Powerful Collaboration

Share annotations, follow users, activity feeds

OpenPage come with a social framework that facilitates a collaborative learning experience by allowing students and teachers to share annotations, follow users and track book related activities through activity feeds. OpenPage’s unique "3-layer book enrichment and personalization architecture" allows publishers, teachers and students to participate and enhance the book reading experience at their levels.

Powerful Publisher Tools

Upload ePub, enrich books, manage subscriptions

OpenPage comes with a robust backend that provides tools to import, enrich, manage and publish ePub based books. It comes with a digital asset repository to upload, tag and manage digital enrichments associated with the books. It also has modules to manage users, book subscription settings, DRM configuration etc. OpenPage supports both retail as well institutional subscription models.

Rich Reporting and Analytics

Measure student engagement and performance, content efficacy

The "event capturing framework" embedded in the OpenPage readers, captures the key user interaction data that is turned into rich reports and visualizations. This unleashes a gold mine of information on as aspects like student engagement, performance and content efficacy that helps stakeholders at all levels (publishers, teachers and students) to gain deep insights into the learning process and improve upon it.

Interoperable & Flexible

Seamlessly integrate with your existing learning solutions

OpenPage is architected to be interoperable and seamlessly integrate with the existing technology landscape in your organization. OpenPage is based on Services Oriented Architecture (SOA). The flexible architecture allows OpenPage to both, expose as well as consume services to and from other applications. Also, this provides the flexibility to customize and add new features with ease. OpenPage is Basic LTI Compliant.